Saturday, 4 August 2012

Supersize My Yoga

On July 28th 2012, Lole hosted the mother of all yoga classes at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.
I was one of the 2000+ yoginis (yoga students) who were there. 
Sadly, you can't see me in the picture -- I was a litle closer to the front.

I forget how I first heard about the event. When I realized I would be in Montreal that weekend anyways, signing up was a no-brainer. I mean really, how cool is a mega-sized outdoor yoga session? Plus, the session was free. I guess Lole figures that the PR resulting from the event will offset the monster costs associated with putting on such a mammoth affair. There was even a helicopter hired to take arial photos, and everyone went home with a super treat bag.

Treat bag contents, which included a 1-yr subscription to Chatelaine

The class was really cool. Everywhere you looked, people were dressed in white and doing yoga. The class intention was to promote peace. The energy was great. The live music was great. I was there early enough to spend a half hour in savasana (ie. corpse pose -- lying on my back with my eyes closed) just soaking it all in.

I almost missed out on this magic though. The night before, the idea of setting an alarm was almost too much to bear. When said alarm went off in the morning, I hit snooze and debated sleeping in. I was going to the event alone, so no one would have missed me. Reflecting on this now, I wonder how many positive opportunities I miss out on because my status quo feels too comfortable.

The experience of going to this event is inspiring me to continue seeking out interesting opportunities, to try new things, and to meet new people.

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  1. So awesome that you had this experience! Looks like a whole lot of fun and a really great way to add relaxation to a busy schedule. I'm just about to head out for my second yoga class on the Hill and am inspired in part by your resent posts about yoga. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the great posts!