Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Single Girl Snippet: But Hey, You're a Babe

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On my way home from karate class tonight, I was accosted by a fairly innocent looking guy in his early twenties.

Excerpt from the conversation that ensued between this skateboarder (S) and me (M) at 10pm while waiting for the light to change at the intersection.

S: Just hit my skateboard with your foot. Really hard.
M: What?
S: Just do it.
I had just finished a gruelling two-hour karate class where a wrong move meant your partner would send you to the ground. I wasn't going to give this guy the upperhand.
M: No.
S: Come on, just like this.
He was pretty friendly, and really not intimidating. I feebly stuck my foot on the stupid skateboard.
S: Not like that. Harder. Give it a good kick. No, wait a second, let's try this instead.
He put the skateboard on the ground and pointed for me to kick it in the middle so that it would spin. Again, I feebly made some gesture with my foot because clearly this guy was not going to relent.
S: No, not exactly.
M: Ok.
Finally, the light changed.
S: You know, you were kind of slow to learn the concept; but, hey...you're a babe.
He smiled shyly and nodded approvingly, as though my 'babe status' made my lack of skateboarding skills forgiveable. He then skateboarded off to meet his group of friends.

And, you know, this little exchange was probably the highlight of my day.

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  1. Ergo the reason you are taking karate class, grasshopper! :)