Thursday, 31 May 2012

Single Girl Snippet: The Mattress (Continued)

After sleeping on the wood floor in my apartment for a week, my mattress was finally scheduled for delivery on a Monday. Sunday evening, I pulled out the metal support frame and discovered not only did I have no screws to put it together, but the frame was not the right type for the mattress I had ordered.

Excerpt from conversation between new salesman (N) and me (M) at the mattress store the morning my mattress is scheduled to be delivered:

M: There’s really no way a new bedframe couldn’t just be added to the delivery I already have scheduled?
N: No, it’s definitely too late for that.
M: And, you don’t think I could just carry the metal frame home? I live ten blocks from here. (I can see his eyes quickly scan me from head to toe. He was obviously trying not to laugh.)
N: No. You could not. You don’t have a car?
M: Nope.
N: You live alone?
M: Yup.
N: I could drop it off to you on my way home from work tonight.
M: Thanks. That’s very kind of you.
N: Not a problem. So, what brought you to our city?
M: Work.
N: What kind of work do you do?
M: Health-related
Disclaimer: People I don’t know like to tell me the intimate details of their lives completely unprompted. It happens all the time – which is why I barely batted an eye when the next thing he said was:
N: My brother, he sees a psychiatrist.
M: A lot of people do.
N: He thinks he has the ADHD. After 50 years! Can you believe it?
M: I can.
N: And my kid, he was falling behind at school. But he’s getting extra help.
M: I’m glad to hear he’s getting the support he needs.
N: His mother and I, we split up. Marriage is hard.
M: It sure can be.
N: I tried to get her to go to counselling with me. She refused.
M: Sounds like you did your best to save your marriage.
N: I did. You know, this is therapeutic for me (throws his arms back like Kate Winslet on the Titanic). I’m getting in touch with my feelings. This is like seeing a psychiatrist for free.
M: About that bedframe…

Thought Bite

Single Girl Snippet: The Mattress

Excerpt from conversation between me (M) and the kind, middle-aged, tattooed salesman (S) at the mattress store:

S: What exactly are you looking for? And, what is your budget?
M: A queen-sized mattress. Something pretty firm, but not like plywood. The last time I bought a mattress, I loved it in the store but found it a little soft once I was at home. Oh, and my ideal budget is ‘on sale.’
S: We have a 60-day comfort guarantee – why didn’t you just return it?
M: My husband liked it.
S: Uh… Is he still a factor?
M: No. This is my single girl bed.
S: Well, you should know that the mattress model you are lying on features individual spring coils. This is great for isolating motion. You know, for when the occasion arises.
M: It’s going to be a while.
S: Ok… I think I can get you a pretty good deal on the mattress.
M: Thank you.

I walked out of the store after having three separate discounts applied to my mattress set.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thought Bite


Excerpt from a conversation between my mother (O) and me (M):

O: Have you started that blob of yours?
M: It’s called a blog. With a “g,” not a “b.”

O: Whatever. What are you writing about?
M: Well, the first month is going to be about getting organized. Or, as you would say, gorganization.

O: You?! You’re writing about getting organized?!
We are not exactly known for our subtlety in our family.

M: It’s a personal growth blog. I’m spending a month aspiring to be more organized. You should be a guest poster. Share your words of wisdom.
My mother is seriously one of the most organized people in the entire world. It really is quite remarkable that so little of those skills managed to be passed on to me. Ah, genetics…

O: Me?! Write on your blob?
Conversely, computer literacy is not near the top of my mother’s list of talents.

M: Blog. I could help you. You could just type up your best tips in a Word document, and I’ll post it. I’ll send you the link in an email, and you’d just have to click on it to see your post online.
O: Oh, I don’t know about this blobbing business. We’ll see... You’re really going to spend a month getting yourself organized?

M: Yup.
O: I look forward to seeing that.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Game Plan

June Gorganization (Getting Organized)
July – Put Your Own O2 Mask on First (Self-Care)
August – Braver, Bolder, Better (Exploration)
September On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur (The Non-Tangibles)
October Simple Joy (Minimalism)
November You & Me (Relationships)
December 24 Hours in a Day (Priorities)
January Well Begun is Half Done (Starting Fresh)
February A for Attitude (Being Your Best Self)
March Going Green (Eco-Awareness)
April Building Brains (Education)
May And that’s a Wrap! (Summary and Final Thoughts)