Friday, 3 August 2012

Blog Comments

A number of people have asked me how do I leave a comment on your blog?
So, here's how:

1. Click on the 'comments' hyperlink for the post you want to comment on.
2. A new screen with a white box on it with "Post a Comment" just above it should appear.
3. Write whatever you'd like in the box.
4. Select an option from the 'comment as' toggle box at the bottom (where it has 'select profile' greyed out). At the bottom of that list, you have either 'anonymous' or 'Name/URL.' If you select 'Name/URL,' you can choose whatever screen name you want, and can leave the URL blank or put in the address for your own blog. (For some reason, if you don't choose one of these options, it won't post the comment.)
5. Once you've typed in your name, the 'comment as' box will then show your name where it used to have 'select profile' written.
6. Click on 'preview'
7. Fill in the 'to make sure you're not a robot spammer' quiz box.
8. Click publish.


Also, on posts where it says "No Comments:", this means that no comments have been made yet. You can click on the hyperlink and leave a comment. In fact, I love it when people leave comments! :-)

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