Friday, 10 August 2012

One Song per Day

During my quest to become my best self in this new, single season of my life, I have been reading a lot of inspirational stories and listening to podcasts of people who have overcome adversity. Today, I would like to introduce you to one of these role models.

Her name is Kris Carr. After being diagnosed with a stage 4 incurable cancer at the age of 31, she created a documentary about her quest to reclaim her health. Ten years later, she is a best-selling author and 'wellness warrior.' You may have seen her on shows such as Dr. Oz and Oprah. If you would like to hear her share her story, click on the YouTube video below:

 One of Kris Carr's recommendations as part of a 'therapy' program is to dance to one song every day. This seemed like a great idea. So, I tried it. That's right, by myself in my apartment, I play one song and dance my heart out daily. It's not pretty, but it is therapeutic. Today's choice: I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness. I had a friend in college who was a fabulous guitarist and vocalist who would entertain our little posse with his rendition of this song during weekend parties. Happy memories.

Conclusion: Play it. Dance it. Stop thinking that being happy is only for other people.

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  1. Great idea! Personally I try to go on daily's important to choose outlets that work :) I tried dancing and it was quite liberating so maybe I'll dance on my daily walks lol!