Monday, 20 August 2012

Single Girl Snippet: Just Call Me Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

I stopped at a department store to shop for curtains on my way home from work. While standing in the middle of the store, trying to Google the dimensions of my Expedit bookshelf so I could select a wide enough curtain rod, I was accosted by a guy roughly my age.

Excerpt from conversation between this guy (G) and me (M):

G: I was wondering if you could help me with something.
In my head: 'No. I can't. Seriously?! Do I LOOK like I work here?! Can you not SEE I've had a really long day?!' Luckily, I managed to smile and say:
M: With what?
G: Well, I just redecorated a room in burgundy and grey. What would you suggest as an accent colour and for lighting?
In my head: 'Oh my God, I'm not your decorator. Ask your girlfriend. Oh wait, you probably don't have one or you wouldn't be asking some random girl in a department store for decorating advice. Ok, I get the whole single person thing. I actually do know a bit about colour theory. Let me think...'
Out loud:
M: I would go with a white/cream for your accent colour, and use indirect lighting to soften the feel of your room.
My advice was met with a very quizzical look.
M: Bounce the light off the wall or the ceiling.
G: Oh! Got it!
His whole face lit up.
G: Wow! Thanks so much!!! That's awesome!!!

And that was it. He raced off to the lighting section. This guy was SO happy. I felt rather guilty about my earlier non-helpful feelings and very glad I kept them to myself.

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