Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Doesn’t-Belong-Here Box

This is my “Doesn’t-Belong-Here” Box:

The items that end up in the Doesn’t-Belong-Here box fall under the following categories:
1.       To be given away.
2.       To be sold.
3.       To be returned to its rightful owner.

What I love about the Doesn’t-Belong-Here box is that everything that is on its way out of my home is contained. It becomes very easy to find the shirt I want to give my sister, or the book I need to return to the library. It also means that as soon as I realize I no longer have a need for an item, it is quickly dealt with rather than languishing for months in otherwise useable living space.


  1. This is such a great idea! I totally want to do this too! It's so easy to lose track of things and to live in a cluttered living space :)

  2. Just spent a lovely morning doing some organizing and created my own "This doesn't belong here" basket. I find that over the course of the week (and sometimes months!) things get constantly shifted from place to place without having a real home. Although we had already started this I also found that things just stayed in a pile without going to their rightful home. The new way of doing things will most definitely include an "end of the day policy" where everything that was put in the basket needs to get back to its home. Thank you for sharing these fun and practical tips- while I have more time now learning how to manage things while I have the time will hopefully put good habits into place. Keep up the great work!