Sunday, 3 June 2012

Single Girl Snippet: When You are the Only Little Fat Man Around

After living out of a suitcase and boxes for a week, I was VERY happy to see the IKEA delivery guy at my door with the do-it-yourself assembly kits for my furniture. I opened the first box, laid out the pieces, and pulled out the instruction booklet. The second pictorial diagram illustrated the following:

Clearly, the single little fat man that was me with a hammer was supposed to call on a very happy-looking little fat man with a pencil to help me out. In this new solo season of my life, I am the only little fat man around. So, I grabbed my hammer, stuck the pencil behind my own ear, and tackled the furniture. What I lacked in second-little-fat-man-ness, I made up for in sheer determination. It took some artful gymnastics, but finally the shelf came together. I survived.

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