Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gorganization Wrap-Up

Today marks the end of our month of getting organized. It’s been busy, it’s been hard, and it’s been worth it. We started with getting our living space organized, then moved on to improve our time management, and concluded with a bit of future planning.

A big thank you to all you readers out there! I’m blown away by how many people are reading this blog and sending me feedback that it is making a positive difference in their lives. When I started this project, I was just hoping to find something to keep me busy as I sorted through the oh-so-painful mess that is getting divorced. I try to approach life’s problems with a little bit of humour and a can-do attitude, which is reflected in this blog. Learning my self-improvement antics are somehow bringing a little sunshine into other people’s lives is such a gift. I encourage you all to keep posting comments and sending emails; I love hearing from you!

The general outline for this one-year project of personal growth can be found here. If you have any requests/suggestions for various topics, please feel free to either post them on the Game Plan comments section, or send me an email ( Thanks!

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