Monday, 18 June 2012


The number of emails I get every day can be overwhelming. I have two email accounts I check daily (work, home), and a third I check a little less regularly (blog).

A little while back, I noticed that the amount of junk email I was receiving was rapidly getting out of control. Important emails were getting lost because of this. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was unwittingly responsible for a lot of the e-junk. In the next twenty minutes, I unsubscribed from newsletters, store flyers, and coupon groups.

The payoff has been immense. I no longer waste precious time sifting through upwards of twenty or thirty messages daily in the hopes of not missing important messages. I still get stupid emails like 'enlarge your manhood' or 'sign up now for 500 free casino tokens,' but at least these are easy to spot as nonsense and there are just a handful of them per week. That said, if anyone has any tips on how to avoid receiving these type of messages (I already have my inbox set on exclusive), I'm all ears.


  1. One thing I find very helpful is the "priority inbox" in gmail, where you can have all the important messages at the top.

    It's something that you activate in the settings and you can train gmail to recognize which e-mails are important (friends, family, etc.) and which ones are not.

    1. I am slowly migrating my personal email account to a gmail one -- apparently "everyone" now uses gmail because it is "soooo much better." Maybe my e-junk problem will be solved! :-)