Thursday, 7 June 2012

Single Girl Snippet: The Boy Next Door

Excerpt from a conversation between my dad (D) and me (M):

D: Looks like the apartment next to yours has a guy living there.
M: Yeah, I know.
D: How do you know?
M: I saw the clothes on the line.
D: Well, aren’t you observant.
M: Kind of hard to miss, really.
D: He’s a boxers kind of guy.
M: I wasn’t going to go there, Dad. But, you’re right -at least this week, anyways. And, I’m going to say he’s of about average build.
D: Whoa, I think you’re looking a little too closely at that laundry.
M: I think he would probably prefer we discuss his build than his undergarment preference. And, I think you’ve just convinced me to hang my own undies up to dry inside my apartment rather than on the clothesline.

A couple days later…
D: Did you meet him yet?
M: No, but I saw his arm.
D: His arm?
M: Yeah, hanging more laundry. I would have had to stick my head out onto our shared balcony to see the rest of him. Somehow the idea didn’t occur to me at the time. It seemed so much more natural to just plaster my face to the wall in my kitchen trying to catch a glimpse of Mystery Laundry Man next door.

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