Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Facebook Unplugged

One of my many bad time management habits involves Facebook. I never had the self-restraint to just check my account weekly or monthly. No, it was a daily bad habit. And, I am sure that if anyone actually computed the number of hours I spent on Facebook, I would be embarrassed to have wasted so much of my life.
Then one day, I finally came to the realization that something needed to be done: I deactivated my account. There is nothing quite like having your estranged husband post about his new relationship status to bring the role of Facebook in your life sharply into focus.                               
It was strangely refreshing. I was still in touch with all my closest friends outside Facebook, i.e. in ‘real life.’ Anything I really needed to know, someone told me. Life went on, minus the personal information overload. Bonus, I gained an extra 10 minutes every day. That’s two and half days of my life every year.

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