Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bucket List

There’s nothing like a time of great upheaval to force some reflection on life direction. After my marriage broke down, I felt quite lost and the question of ‘What now?’ weighed heavily on my mind. I decided to give myself a year to get back on my feet. To help guide the year, I drafted a bucket list (ie. a ‘things to do before I die’ list). The plan is to scratch off as many of the entries as possible by the end of the year.
The list is divided into eleven categories: education, professional, skills, languages, experiences, spiritual, health, personal growth, relationships, finances, and travel. It contains more than one hundred entries. Some goals are fairly ambitious (e.g. resolve my existential crisis), whereas others could be accomplished in a day (e.g. picnic under the stars). Some will take emotional strength (e.g. start dating again), and others will require physical strength (e.g. complete a triathlon).

Now that I have a physical list, my goals feel much more tangible. So many exciting things to look forward to. It feels good.

What are some of your goals on your bucket list?

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