Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Filing: The Prequel

As mentioned in a previous post, keeping paperwork organized is not one of my strengths. In an attempt to get myself better organized, I am taking a page from the television show Til Debt Do Us Part:

The containers are cheap flowerpots from Ikea. The labels are:
-Personal Care/Clothing

I am hoping that because they are so easily accessible, I will start putting receipts in them when I walk in the door. Once sorted like that, it should be an easy transition to move them into the bigger filing system at the end of the month. I am experiencing a bit of "Where did my money go?" syndrome lately. This should help me figure out the answer to that mystery.


  1. This is a really awesome and simple way to manage funds for sure! We use software that has an app that you can put on an iPod called You Need a Budget ( The added bonus about a program like this is that it helps you manage your funds and as soon as you have a receipt you input the information into the app. It does take some time getting used to punching everything in at first but it's an awesome way to organize funds and keep track of where the money is going.

    1. That's an interesting idea. If my flowerpot system doesn't work out, I think I'll try the app you recommended. Thanks!