Monday, 10 September 2012

Single Girl Snippet: 5 Dresses

My favourite new dress
Embarrassing confession: I bought five dresses on my way home from work yesterday. This totally violates my minimalist aspirations. However, I succumbed to the temptation because:
1) My summer work wardrobe was nearly non-existent. The last few summers, I worked in air conditioned environments and just made do with my fall/spring clothes. This summer, I am working in a hot building.
2) I found a great sale.
Ok, the first two reasons are just me rationalizing... the real reason I bought five dresses:
3) They make me feel pretty.

Excerpt from cell phone conversation with my mother (O) post purchase. I am standing at one of the busiest intersections in the city.

M: Hi Mom! Guess what I just did?
O: What?
M: Bought five dresses. Like, today. Just now.
O: Seriously?! My daughter?!
M: Yupper. True story.
O: I'm proud of you.
M: Thanks. My little shopping spree came to $200 with tax. Regular price would have been closer to $500. Apparently these dresses are designer dresses from up and coming people.
O: I never thought I would see this day.
M: Yeah, and you know what, I'm discovering I kind of like wearing heels sometimes.
O: Wow!
M: Enough that I may have to buy a second pair to keep my plain black office heels company.

The conversation continued along those lines, and then finally my mom closed with:
O: Well, I'm just SO GLAD you called RIGHT AWAY with this GREAT news!!!

That's right, you know you're a little fashion-challenged when your mom thinks the announcement of a shopping spree is great news.

Another purchase

This is one of the two dresses I bought last week (yeah, as in not part of this week's 5 dress spree...)
I now have enough dresses I could wear a different one every day of the week.
Pretty crazy.

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