Sunday, 16 September 2012

Single Girl Snippet: Personal Training

My gym pass included a free personal training session.

Excerpt from conversation between me (M) and my personal trainer (P):

P: So what exactly do you want?
M: You mean like goals for this program?
P: Yes.
M: Well, better overall fitness. And, I'd like to lose ten pounds.
P: What?! You don't have ten pounds to lose. You have the body of a marathoner.
M: Uh, thanks, that's nice of you to say.

About five minutes later...

P: So, would you want to run a marathon?
M: Maybe. It's something I've considered. I've done half-marathons before, but not a whole one. A lot of my friends are marathoners, so sometimes I think it would be fun to join them.
P: Totally. You know, if you lost ten pounds and trained hard, you could do a marathon.


  1. What a horrible thing to say! I know you can do a marathon!

  2. Sorry but this deserves a WTF! If you want to do a marathon you can and you will!