Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Single Girl Snippet: The Guy with the Dandelion Greens

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Being somewhat new to the city, I'm still on the hunt for the ultimate grocery shop. I am a bit of a health-nut foodie, so finding quality fresh produce at a good price is paramount. My little quest took me to a store in a yuppie neighbourhood over the weekend.

While selecting my organic greens for the week (half price!!!), I couldn't help but notice that the guy a few metres down from me was carefully scrutinizing the dandelion greens. He eventually settled on what appeared to be a fairly healthy-looking bunch from my vantage point, and placed them in his basket beside his cantaloupe. Very impressive. Also, I couldn't help but notice that Mr. Dandelion is, uh, pretty easy on the eyes. Like maybe he does modeling on the side - that kind of attractive.

The store itself was rather cramped, so Mr. D. was always a few metres ahead as we zig-zagged through the dry goods. I eventually skipped an aisle, which brought me to the cash first. Of the four line ups, he chose to stand behind me. Okay, so now I have this very attractive guy standing like a foot away. Whistling along with the radio. So, he's a confident, happy, very attractive guy. It would have been an entirely appropriate time to start a conversation. But, I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say. Plus, I'm actually standing at the cash in spandex shorts, a sleeveless top that leaves a small gap before my shorts start, ballcap, and four small waterbottles anchored to my waist. It made perfect sense to me that morning to map my 10K run to end at the grocery store; I didn't exactly expect to run into Mr. D. Yeah, so essentially, I'm there in my sweaty spandex holding three tubs of organic greens in one hand and red wine vinegar in the other. Not exactly at my sexiest and most confident I have to say.

So, I toss out the following:
1 - What would you have done?
2 - What would have been a good conversation starter?


  1. 1) There's a big difference between what I would have done, and what I say I *could* have done in that situation. For starters, since I'm a married heterosexual guy, I wouldn't have flirted with Mr. D. ;-)

    2) I think anything could be a good conversation starter. Making the first move is really hard, but it opens the door to possibilities.

    Here are a few things that could have worked:

    - "I'm curious, what kind of recipe do you make with dandelions?"

    - "Hello. Nice day, eh?"

    - "Are prices always this good here? I'm new to the city."

    Like I said though, it's much easier to say this as a third-party observer!

    1. You're right... Someone recently tried that with me. "Interesting music, eh?" he said. I said "yeah." Then, he sat down beside me and eventually asked me out on a date. Story to come in future blog post. ;-)

  2. Actually, I think to be seen in that outfit is attractive. It shows that you are active and fit, which is always an attractive thing!

    I would have asked him what he was planning to do with the dandelion greens. That's because I would have no idea what to do with them...I guess you could have asked him about any object in his cart!