Saturday, 1 September 2012

September: The Non-Tangibles

If I really commit to this month's projects, I suspect I am going to experience some fairly significant growing pains. I've labelled September as the month of "The Non-Tangibles." I have spent the last few months working on aspects of myself that are visible to the outside world -- organization, healthy habits, recreation. This month is really about personal growth on the inside.

To keep myself accountable, I am going to reveal my projects now:

1. Work on resolving my existential crisis
a) Getting divorced as a young Catholic has really brought up some big questions about my faith.
b) Over the last year, I have seen some really terrible things happen to some really wonderful people. The lack of cosmic justice doesn't sit well.

2. Ripple effect
I want to work on becoming a kinder, gentler soul so that I can spread a little sunshine in the world around me.

3. Really listening to my inner compass
Too often, I get caught up in what I feel I ought to do according to other people rather than doing what feels right for me. I think regular meditation would be a good start to fixing this.

4. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude
I try to make a point of sharing the nice things I think about people, but there's room for improvement. This month seems like a good time for that.

5. Create more time for the things I enjoy.
And, conversely, stop spending so much time procrastinating about getting the things I don't enjoy doing done.

Other projects may come up, but the above are likely to be the primary foci of the month.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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