Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Girls' Night

Snacks & sangria at girls' night.

It had been more than six years since the last time I had hosted a girls' night. I was due.
Lucky for me, it just so happens that a number of my closest friends have all moved to the same city in recent months/years. And, they were all free on the same night as another friend was visiting from out of town. So, I had a wonderful group of ladies to invite over. None of them had met each other before mind you, but they had each heard stories about how special they all are to me.

It was a great evening. I had forgotten how much I enjoy girls' nights. It's so easy to get caught up in work, household chores, relationships, etc. While I was married, I got kind of lazy in the social organization department. I really regret not investing more time into my relationships with my girl friends during that time sans husband in tow.  I think I lost of a bit of myself by not socializing very much as an individual.

I plan to make a point of organizing more girls' nights over the next year.

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