Tuesday, 11 September 2012

At-Home Workouts

After realizing I was spending as much time commuting to/from the gym as I was exercising, I decided to cancel my gym membership. The plan is to workout mostly from home, and then hopefully convert the time savings into more sleep and meditation time.

The components of my at-home fitness routine will include:

1. Bodyweight workouts
I found some interesting workout plans online. One is a "Boot Camp" style workout that looks interesting (link here)

Click here for link to boot camp workout.
2. Yoga
Yoga practice at home was previously discussed here. My favourite style is Sivananda. A typical Sivananda class lasts 90-120 minutes. Each class will include breathing exercises (pranayama), sun salutations, and a specific sequence of 12 postures (asanas). I'm hoping to get through the sequence a couple times/week on my own at home.

12 basic asanas
Sivananda Sequence
 3. Running
I'm trying to run 4 days/week. Two of these days, I join the free practice sessions at the Running Room. If I manage to stick with it, I'll sign up for a half marathon clinic that runs through the winter.

Ok, so there we go. I put it out there, so now I am accountable. I hope I stick with it and discover more sleep, a better body, and my inner zen.

Wish me luck!

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