Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Calling In the One: The Post-Its

One of the first exercises I did from Calling in the One (Katherine Woodward Thomas) involved developing a list of 'Essence Qualities.' First, you make a list of words want to anchor yourself to. Some of the words on my list included: healing, joy, love, courage, honesty, forgiveness... Next, you transform the words into affirming sentences. For example, Joy became My life is filled with joy and laughter.

These affirming sentences should then be transfered to Post-It notes. I had some jazzy yellow, orange, and pink ones. The Post-It's should be featured prominently within your living space. I placed mine along the edge of my bedroom bookcase. Then, read them every day for a while. Make sure you pick good stuff so that it's fun to read. It doesn't have to true per se. You just have to want it to be true - you know something you aspire to. As you can see from my photo, I worked on releasing the past. I also had one that said I am beautiful. Definitely include that one in your collection. It's nice to read that you're beautiful every day.

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