Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Thought Bite: Friendship

Excerpt from Kelle Hampton's blog:

Q: I know you didn't grow up in Florida and yet you have this wonderful and extensive circle of close girlfriends. What are your tips for making new friends in a new place? While I have made some lovely new friends in my not-so-new area, I struggle with creating those super close friendships like the ones I left behind.

A: My closest friendships involve vulnerability, honesty, and effort. If you want to get past the "what brand of sippy cup do you use?" level of friendship, you have to make efforts. Have a dinner party. Put yourself out there. Tell your story. Ask to hear your friend's. Meaningful friendships mean you have to talk about meaningful things. My deepest friendships have evolved with being vulnerable, with making mistakes, with communicating through good and bad, with accepting that sometimes we are different, with honestly expressing my weaknesses and asking for support, and with making efforts to spend time with friends who make me feel good.

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  1. This is so true! I highly recommend that you read the book MWF Seeking BFF: My year long search for a new best friend by Rachel Bertche. It's all about the importance of good friends and like your quote talks about the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there to make and maintain friendships.