Friday, 6 July 2012

Single Girl Snippet: Running

Previously, I mentioned that visiting a new city while on foot can give you an experience that you might miss out on while in a car. Friends, I offer you my 8K run today as an example:

1. Carlashes
Not the actual carlashes I saw, but these are the same lashes on a different car. If you go to you can order your very own pair including diamond crystal eyeliner (!!!) for $59.95.
I had never seen carlashes before. Perhaps you have. I found them immensely amusing and really regretted not having my camera with me to capture the moment.

2. Very friendly smiles
If ever you are in need of a genuine very friendly smile, go running in the rain. As you cross paths with people, make eye contact and greet them. The smiles you exchange will convey a heartfelt "Oh, you are stupid dedicated enough to be out here in this weather, too. Clearly, we have something pretty cool in common.You must be wonderful."

3. Proof positive it's a small world after all.
I live in a big city. And yet, I very nearly collided with the mattress salesman at an intersection. He looked away and didn't acknowledge me. It would appear our therapeutic alliance has come to an end.

4. To someone out there, you're something special.
As I approached a scruffy, older panhandler in an area with dense pedestrian traffic, he lept up from his sitting position and morphed into a dancing machine. Waving his cup above his head, he loudly sang "There goes a fit woman! There gooooooooooes a fit wooooman!"

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