Monday, 16 July 2012

Nutrition Challenge #3: No Processed Foods

Eliminating processed foods from my diet (including preservatives, colourings, artificial flavours, refined sugar) seemed like a good idea, so I gave it a one-week trial. Quickly, I discovered how virtually anything that comes in a labeled container was now on the no-no list. Some surprises were things like red wine vinegar and dijon mustard.

My diet is pretty simple. I cook from scratch the majority of the time. I didn't think this change would make much of a difference. I was surprised by the results. No headaches (unusual for me). I felt more relaxed and slept really well. Food cravings disappeared. I would get hungry, but not desperately ravenous like I often do. Plain things like fresh produce tasted so much better (and when the trial ended, processed foods did not taste nearly as good as I remembered them).

Moving forward, I think I am going to try to keep my diet at home super clean to continue enjoying all the benefits listed above. However, I plan to indulge on occasion when visiting with family and friends. Navigating a social life in a food-centric culture while gluten-free is tough enough.

Have any of you tried reducing or removing processed foods from your diet? How did it affect you?

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