Sunday, 1 July 2012

Putting on My Oxygen Mask

If you were in my living room with me right now, you would notice I look something like this:
(Disclaimer: not actually me in this photo.)
That’s right, folks -- simultaneous clay mask and argan oil hair treatment. I figured I should try to get into the game early. ‘Self-care’ and I are not especially well acquainted. I used to think that being a good person was synonymous with always putting others before yourself. The series of crises in my life within the last year has taught me otherwise. Sometimes the best thing you can do for the people around you is to carve out a little time to be kind to yourself. It’s sort of like when you board an airplane and they tell everyone to put their own oxygen mask on first -- if you actually do it, you’ll be much more helpful to those around you because you won’t be suffering an anoxic brain injury.

So, here it is. I’m putting on my oxygen mask.

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