Saturday, 14 July 2012

Wheatgrass: the Closet Hippie Breaks Out

I've often joked that I am a bit of a closet hippie. You know, the kind of person that wears Birkenstocks (sometimes with socks), does yoga, and can be spotted shopping at farmer's markets. I've been told that my latest antics have crossed the line:

Those are grown-up sunflower sprouts and chia sprouts. I'm working on some wheatgrass, too. And apparently, once you start growing your own wheatgrass, this makes you a full-fledged hippie (I don't know if the sunflower sprouts or the chia cross the line, but I've been told in no incertain terms that the wheatgrass most certainly does.)  

It all started with the raw foods class I took a little while back. That was my first exposure to wheatgrass. Before that, I always thought wheatgrass had gluten in it (I can't eat gluten). Turns out it doesn't. We were told wheatgrass has all kinds of wonderful healing properties. Curious, I decided to give it a one-week try by purchasing frozen portions (which allegedly have 40-50% less oomph than the freshly juiced stuff). We were warned not to take it at night, but I thought Seriously - just how energizing can a bunch of ground up grass really be? I drank 1 oz of wheatgrass juice at 9 o'clock... and was still awake at 2am. So, for the rest of the week, I made sure to take the wheatgrass in the morning.

My wheatgrass experiment was a success. I found it gave me a little more zip in the morning. I also found I was more focused during the day, and my skin was clearer. Because of all of this, I signed up for a sprouting class to learn how to grow my own wheatgrass at home. At my old house, I had a garden and a number of mature house plants that I loved dearly. I'm hoping that this whole wheatgrass thing will help fill that void while simultaneously serving a very practical purpose.

So, we'll see.

Anyone else have any experience sprouting or growing wheatgrass? Any advice?

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