Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Self-Care Wrap-Up

July has been a really great month.

I eat better, sleep better, dabble in meditation even. I've met some great people. I've tried lots of things that were new to me. There is still a ways to go before I would be comfortable saying I am skilled at self-care, but I am not quite the colossal disaster I was previously. With any luck, some of these new, healthy habits will stick.

My new life still reflects the fruits of my month of Gorganization in June. My apartment remains uncluttered. I bulk prep meals. Junk mail no longer gets slipped into the slot on my front door. Life, I am discovering, is much easier when you are organized. That said, my receipt filing initiative was an epic fail. I will have to readdress that problem later this year - likely in December when I talk about finances.

I am enjoying a happy feeling of being on the cusp of a very wonderful life. (Granted, this happy feeling is regularly punctuated by the very unhappy feeling that is getting divorced.) I still mourn the idea of being wife, but I am redirecting that energy into projects that are allowing me to grow into a stronger, more adventurous version of the person I used to be.

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