Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nutrition Wrap-Up

The is the last day of the 'official' nutrition component of this one-year project, though I am sure there will be other posts sneaking in over the coming months since I am a bit of a foodie and enjoy these types of things.

There are so many wonderful nutrional resources out there, and it's always so much fun to discover new recipes and little nuggets of wisdom.

I invite you to share your go-to cookbooks and nutrional websites below. I've included a short list of my current favourites.

One Bite at a Time (Rebecca Katz)
The Cancer Fighting Kitchen (Rebecca Katz)
Crudessence (Mathieu Gallant & David Côté)
Raw (Juliano)
Everyday Paleo (Sarah Fragoso)
Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free (Amy Green)

Everyday Paleo
Simple and Tasty Nutrition
Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free
The Spunky Coconut
The Rawtarian

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