Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Excerpt from a conversation between my mother (O) and me (M):

O: Have you started that blob of yours?
M: It’s called a blog. With a “g,” not a “b.”

O: Whatever. What are you writing about?
M: Well, the first month is going to be about getting organized. Or, as you would say, gorganization.

O: You?! You’re writing about getting organized?!
We are not exactly known for our subtlety in our family.

M: It’s a personal growth blog. I’m spending a month aspiring to be more organized. You should be a guest poster. Share your words of wisdom.
My mother is seriously one of the most organized people in the entire world. It really is quite remarkable that so little of those skills managed to be passed on to me. Ah, genetics…

O: Me?! Write on your blob?
Conversely, computer literacy is not near the top of my mother’s list of talents.

M: Blog. I could help you. You could just type up your best tips in a Word document, and I’ll post it. I’ll send you the link in an email, and you’d just have to click on it to see your post online.
O: Oh, I don’t know about this blobbing business. We’ll see... You’re really going to spend a month getting yourself organized?

M: Yup.
O: I look forward to seeing that.

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